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We are good listeners.

From the needs of our customers we develop an idea that will soon become reality.

In fact, thanks to the prototyping service, we create samples that give substance to the project requested by customers.

All based on solid research that allows us to understand improvements, functionality and features that the product in the final version must have to be successful.

We will support you in the initial phase starting from the technical drawing, from the study of the pattern to the realization of the prototype.


After a careful study, we then move on to the sampling phase aimed at consolidating the initial research.

It is, in fact, the creation of a product similar to the final one.

Already at this stage, attention to detail plays a central role; we will take care of designing a reliable sample so that the final result is perfect for your needs.

Reliability, experience and accuracy are the key in every service.


At this point we proceed with the actual production of the project.

We have always worked alongside prestigious brands of high-level fashion houses that entrust us with the management of projects with large quantitative volumes.